I help people just like you get heard.

Let's take your ideas and get them talked about.

Confused about building a brand? Stressing out about telling your story?  Not quite sure how to meet the goals and dreams that keep you up at night?

You don’t have to be wondering how to get heard.

Connect with the people meant to hear your message.

Help people grow in meaningful ways.

Find the freedom you so desperately seek

… and then use that opportunity to do what you do best -- share.



Do all of this without spending countless hours spinning your wheels.

Without hoping untested systems will actually work for you.  

And do this without a one-size-fits-all plan.


You have a message to share, and you need help getting the word out..


You need someone to listen to your dream and strategize with you. I know it can be hard to share dreams out loud, so we work one-on-one, just the two of us. I know it can be hard to strategize and see how to get you where you want to be, so I’ll help you create a plan starting right where you are. I’ll build you a template, specific to your brand, to help keep everything in place as you grow.

Because the best way to achieve that dream?

Is making sure everyone knows about it.


I’m Meiko Seymour. More versatile than your favorite pair of jeans [really], I’ve worked in creative arts ministries, market research, and product development. I really love developing solutions and systems to help you get the results you want from your current project. From 8-5, I’m the Communications Director at Evangel Temple in Georgia, where I get to help church leaders simplify, strategize, and get heard. [Told you, I really like this stuff.]

It's time for you to get heard by the people that need your message.

There is no debate that Meiko is a world class leader. I truly believe that he is the very definition of a “revivalists.” His genuineness, authenticity and passion for Jesus Christ are each incredibly contagious. I deeply recommend the ministry of Meiko Seymour to your church, youth group or event!
— JC Worley (Lead Pastor - GO Church)
Meiko is both creative & systematic, a servant and leader, and finally an entrepreneur and as pastor. Meiko definitely defines the phrase “one of a kind’. Fortunately for us, he makes disciples too. Because of his vast skill set, he already has and will go on to be a blessing to your church, ministry, or business.
— Joey Furjanic (Lead Pastor of The Block Church)
Meiko is an incredibly hard worker. His passion for his work while at NABEI and for seeing the company succeed are unmatched. As director of operations he kept the NABEI staff moving forward by finding the areas where the organization needed improvement and either worked on those areas personally or assigned others to that need. Meiko is great in dealing with difficult situations with co-workers and clients.
— Carolina Parr (Director of Programs for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION TO BROADEN AND ENHANCE IMAGES)
It is always a pleasure to work with Meiko! In both his work and personal life, he reflects a great balance of passion, professionalism and rapport. It is obvious that every detail matters to him and because of that, the end results of his responsibiltites are always top notch. I appreciate that Meiko can “get the job done” by communicating effectively and inspiring others to see the big picture. I personally would choose to do ministry/events with him any day!
— Jenny Brashaw (Student Pastor of New City Church)

Let’s get your message out. Let’s get your goals achieved.

Because your story?

Cannot stay silent any longer.

Youth Ministry

Creative Arts

Stage Design, Lighting, & Environments

Team Building

Booking, Logistics, and Execution Management 

Social Media Usage and Strategy

Staff, Structure, & Systems

Student Mentoring

Video, Graphics, & Communications

Volunteer Recruitment and Training

Project & Brand Management

Grab your cup of coffee, your favorite movie lines, and your passion and let's get bracketing!